Site Updates

18 01 2010

I’ve also added a restaurants review section to my blog. While the term ‘restaurant’ can be misleading, Ive practically reviewed any place I’ve eaten. It could be my own house, or a little dhaba on the roadside somewhere. Food is served, I judge and I write. Thanks to all the chef’s so far 🙂

I’ve done a review of my horrific visit to the 2010 Auto Expo in Delhi, please look under the quick piss menu to find it, oh and I hope the Expo organisers burn in hell and experience tire punctures and engine failures on a regular basis for what they made the general public go through.

Site Updates 10th December 2009

10 12 2009

1. Rhino and My Convo

2. New RJ Webcomics section up! Look on the top header

3. The Pilot Strip – Hannibal Car Salesman comic has been posted!

4. PhilTheBow Comics!

  1. Strip 1
  2. Strip 2
  3. Strip 3
  4. Strip 4

Have fun!

Quick Piss Updates

26 11 2009

3 New stories added, look below the Quick Piss link on the right 🙂

Sections added

26 11 2009

So I’ve put up a music section, a little ‘about’ section which has the site’s history as well as some other useless information. I don’t even know why it’s a section.

‘A Quick Piss’ is my short story and little joke section. Just random stories either factual or fiction or a little mix of both!

Still to come: Comics section and various review sections

Welcome to my blog

26 11 2009

Take a look around. You can navigate around with the sections above (below the main banner) or with the links on the right hand side.